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HealthCalls Diagnostic Tools:


  • Discerning your constitutional type by Five Elements & constitutional homeopathy

  • Reading of your pulse and tongue by Chinese diagnosis

  • Energy scanning of your nutrient levels & organ's vital force

  • Vibrational matching with effective & compatible remedies for you

  • I excel at looking beneath the surface to where discomfort arises:  discovering the causes and origins of the disease



Teaching Schedule Fall/Winter 2017


296 Nonotuck Street Suite 12 Ground Floor/Back Entrance

All Classes 2 hours on Saturdays 10-noon

$35-45 per person

* registration requested Call/Text 802-236-7056

* Email 


Sept 9/Nov 11/Feb 10

Creating Immune Resilience within Your GI Immune System

You will learn what are the best probiotics, foods & lifestyle choices to support your MALT and GALT, the immune lymph tissues around your GI tract which are key to skin conditions, autoimmunity, post-Lyme & post-CFS. Hart just completed a book on this subject & will share her discoveries with you.


Oct 14/Dec 9/Jan 13

Nourishing an Aging Brain

Come learn what foods and lifestyle choices support memory and slow aging of the brain.  We will do the peanut butter test, for neurological decline.  A chocolate brain-nourishing snack will be served.


Oct 21/Nov 18/Dec 16/Jan 20/Feb 17

Discovering Your Other Knowing/Developing Your Right Brain

This monthly class is designed to help you get in touch with your varied ways of knowing: logical, intuition, instinctive. Hart will illustrate how intuition can play a role in day-to-day problem-solving. We will practice exercises to experience subtle energies. Our goal is to learn how to trust what we know.


In 2017 Hart authored a book: Resilient Immunity: Caring For your GI Immune System.

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